Bereavement / Funeral Planning Services


“Give Them The Send Off They Deserve”


You can never truly be prepared for the loss of a loved one. Because death is an inevitable part of life, it can happen when least expected. Our hope, here at Consider IT Done Errand Services, LLC, is to lessen your family’s emotional burden with our Bereavement / Funeral Planning Services. Our goal is to provide compassionate support. Therefore, it is considered an honor to assist families with the planning process from beginning to end. 

The funeral is the most important event that is focused on following the death of a loved one. The funeral director, being key to this occasion, provides support and advice to grieving families. However, there are things that most funeral directors don’t do. They don’t perform functions that are key such as a venue for a repast, food and drink organization, call extended families, friends, or colleagues informing them of the death. Also, they do not send thank you notes to attendees nor those that send flowers or a monetary gift.

Most noteworthy,  where a funeral director leaves off, we pick up and go much further. As a result, it makes the occasion as stress free as possible. Let us help and guide you during this difficult time with our comprehensive services. We provide services to fit any budget.

The staff of Consider IT Done Errand Services, LLC has suffered close family losses over the last couple years. Consequently, we know firsthand how difficult things can be during the time of death and beyond. Through experience is what sparked the idea of offering this service. These services are designed to benefit families dealing with the uncertainty and stress that comes with death and bereavement.

Understanding that this is a whole new service concept, you are hesitant about asking for assistance from a complete stranger. It is at times like this where we feel especially emotional and overwhelmed. We would like to assure you that we are here to help in any way we can. If you have any questions about our Bereavement / Funeral Planning, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


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Bereavement / Funeral Planning Services



“We are happy to help you at any point in the process, we do recommend contacting us as soon as possible to discuss our Bereavement / Funeral Planning Services.”


As an independent consumer advocate, Consider IT Done Errand Services, LLC is not associated with any funeral home or funeral provider and does not profit from any of the family’s decisions.”




  • Keep records of all payments for funeral services and other expenses.
  • Provide clean up service following meals and visitations at the home.
  • Assist in getting together mementos, photos, readings, meaningful songs, etc. for the service.
  • Help with organization and disposition of personal effects.
  • Prepare and Print Obituaries / Order of Service and thank you notes.




  • Research funeral homes and coordinate funeral arrangements with the funeral director.
  • Assist in the selection of funeral merchandise such as casket, urn, vault, etc.
  • Notify family members of death and funeral arrangements.
  • Liaison with the funeral home, florist, caterer, and other vendors as needed. 
  • Help with selecting a headstone.




  • Provide transportation needs for the family to make arrangements.
  • Pick up out of town guests from airport, train or bus station.
  • Arrange any necessary travel arrangements for friends or family out of state, including accommodations.
  • Shuttle out of town guests from the hotel to the funeral service.
  • Run any necessary errands for the client.