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Errand services for individuals and families


Consider IT Done Errand Services, LLC, located in Woodbridge, VA, is an errand and personal concierge company. We focus on giving you a helping hand in all areas of your hectic life. Also, we are focused on offering you professional, reliable, trustworthy service to help ease the burden of everyday life. People from all walks of life use errand services. The list below outlines the type of individuals that benefit from partnering with us.


Adults with Elderly Parents struggling to manage two households.

Busy Professionals that can’t find time away from work or life in general.

Empty Nesters that are constantly on the go.

Frequent Travelers needing help while they are away or travel planning.

New Moms or  Soon-To-Be Moms overwhelmed, needing some assistance.

Party Hosts requiring assistance with details and shopping for the event.

Retirees that don’t want to feel overwhelmed by everyday life.

Senior Citizens that are not ready to give up independence.

Small Business Owners / Entrepreneurs that help with their business. 

Someone Recovery from Surgery  that require some assistance. 

Someone Experiencing a Loss that need someone to help with planning.

Working Parents that need to get time back to spend with the family.


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  • Drop Off and/or Pick Up for Dry Cleaning, Prescriptions, Donations, Library Books | Snack Delivery for School Functions and Meals | Jewelry, Watches and Shoe Repairs | Package Store, Spirits, and Libation | Prepare Packages for Delivery and /or Shipping to the Local Area, USPS, UPS, or FedEx | Pick Up / Wait / Drop Off for Oil Change, Repairs, and Car Wash.


  • Grocery Shopping and Delivery (Stacking Pantry Optional)


  • Gift Shopping / Wrapping for Special Occasions and Holidays | Flowers | Gift Baskets


  • Schedule Doctor, Dentist, and Other Types of Appointments |  Meetings | Home Repair | Reminder Services for All Occasions. Anniversaries, Appointments, Birthdays, Recitals, Children’s Activities.


  • Wait at Your Home for Cable, Telephone, or Utility Repair | Furniture and Appliance Deliveries| Home Construction / Maintenance | Party Deliveries | Home Safety Check, Turn Lights On / Off, Water Plants / Lawn, and Bring in Newspaper and Mail. 




  • Develop and Organize Party Themes for Birthdays, Graduations, Reunions, Anniversaries, and More.


  • Coordinate Transportation and Accommodations for Out-of-Town Guests | Party Vendors such as Caterers, Florists, Entertainment, and Photographers | Organize Guest Gifts and Party Favors | Address Invitations and Write Thank You Notes. 


Errand serviceS for businesses

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