Medical Advocacy Services


The healthcare industry makes it easy for you to feel helpless. The hospital charged you $20 for a Tylenol, and the doctor is recommending tests that seem unnecessary. What can you do about it? Partner with us utilizing our Medical Advocacy Services. It is our job to help clients navigate the healthcare system. If you feel overwhelmed, let us be the advocate for you.

It is important for everyone to act as their own advocate, but when stress from an illness occur or you are bombarded with information, faced with the complexities of follow up care, we are not our best selves and our health will tend to fall by the way side. Family is an option, but with busy lives, they are not always there when you need them.

A patient advocate, also known as a Medical Advocate, can be by your side to ask your doctors or other medical professionals the correct questions, take notes, and ensure that your wishes are carried out in a timely manner. Let us campaign for you. We are knowledgeable about health care, trustworthy, assertive, and good communicators. It’s like having your very own spokesperson.

Some of the most important reasons to have a medical advocate is if you are having a serious surgery planned, in poor health, or have frequent doctor visits. We will be there for you to ensure that your medical professionals are acting in your best interest and you are getting the care and resources that you need. Which is why you should contact us today to discuss or Medical Advocacy Services. 


Need help with your medical bills?

Recently diagnosed and need a second opinion?

Want to explore all your treatment options to make the best choice?

Have an upcoming hospital stay and concerned about safety in the hospital?

Alone and need help navigating the healthcare system?



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“What is a Medical Advocate?

A Medical Advocate is an independent professional who works directly for the patient, helping them research, select, and manage their healthcare providers. An advocate serves no agenda but yours, and helps you navigate the intricacies of our health care system.”


“We help individuals and families navigate the challenges that come with aging and chronic health conditions.”




  • Review Recommendations / Diagnostic Options and Treatment.


  • Assisting with Decision Making.


  • Research Diagnosis and Background of Treatment Options.


  • Review Medical / Dental Records and Current Medications.


  • Preparation and Accompaniment to Appointments.


  • Monitor at Hospital Bedside.


  • Pain Management and Palliative Care Consulting.


  • Advance Directive and Healthcare Proxy Assistance.


  • Review and Reconcile Medical / Dental Bills.


  • Help Choose the Right Health / Dental / Vision Insurance Plan.


  • Track and File Medical / Dental Bill Paperwork and Payments.


  • Negotiate Disputes, Claims Denials, and Appeals for Medical/Dental/Hospital Bills.


  • Medicare/Medicaid Recommendations such as Advantage Plans and Medigap.


  • Assistance with Disability Filings and Review Including Social Security Disability.


  • Complete Other Medical Forms as Needed.